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Stickers For Planners, Pens and Tubes

Year Planner Pen & Sticker Kits

Stickers for planners and write on/wipe-off pens can be inserted with each individual planner

The symbol kits consist a 'Today' removable vinyl tab and several sheets of different coloured stickers for planners of varying shapes which can be stuck onto the year planners and assist in colour / shape-coordinating your events or holidays. Also included in the kit is a write-on / wipe-off planner pen, ideal for the planner surface.

Year Planner Packing Tubes

Plain tubes for individual year planners

We can supply plain, robust postal tubes and packing for all our year planners. Our postal tubes have a 50mm diameter, and are made of 1.5mm thick cardboard. They are supplied with plastic plug inserts. The length of the tube depends on the size of the year planner.

Year Planner Tubes

Great Adverts

Tinstar Planners are professionally designed year planners which come in quantities of 100 upwards. Customized year planners can really help businesses looking for a cost effective way of reaching new and existing clients with a practical, highly visible advert. By giving your potential customers a year planner, you'll be putting a huge, memorable advert in front of them every single day of the year. If your clients find it useful, they'll want another the following year and will stay in touch.

The bottom line? Year planners are useful, popular and a great way to advertise your business. Call us on 01590 679490 to discuss or order your 2019 promotional year planners.

Planner Sizes

Tinstar Planners come in various sizes. Our most popular calendar sizes are:

  • Tinstar sub-B1 Year Planner (914 x 660mm)
  • A1 paper size (594 x 841mm)
  • A2 paper size (420 x 594mm)

For non-standard sizes or quantities, please complete our 2019 year planners quote request form.

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Pens and stickers for planners

Year Planners Tubes

Pens and stickers for planners